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DrawPlatformer allows you to make your own Platformer style video game. With just a few markers and some printer paper, you can draw your own custom level. Then, just take a picture of your masterpiece, upload it to our server, and you have a playable game in under 30 seconds. We built this at HackUVA, UVA's premier 24-hour hackathon. Out of 35 competing teams, we were awarded with the Grand Prize (1st place) along with $1,000.

How It Works

I used OpenCV + Skimage + Python to do the image processing on the backend. My brother made the front end web browser game with Javascript. We both made the backend (Django) together.

DrawPlatformer Around The Web

Article in CavDaily, UVA's school newspaper

Github Repo

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Nipun and Naman Singh demo'ing DrawPlatformer to HackUVA judges 1st Place Medals Awarded by Major League Hacking (MLH)